August 15th, 2005

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By any strange chance, has anyone actually heard anything about Because its website seems to scream "I am a scam run by a fifteen-year-old!", especially because it's offering the complete series of The X-Files for $200... but... it's offering the complete series of the X-Files for $200! So, I ask. (Also, any of you who are 1) brave about internet shopping and 2) have a region-free DVD player, this site also has a PAL/NTSC complete Atlantis Season 1 set available already.)

I have received something of an ultimatum from the family to get my collection of taped-from-TV-since-the-year-1986 VHS tapes out of the linen closet and into the nearest landfill. It distresses me that it will cost A BAJILLION dollars to replace The X-Files and Voyager and whatever else I haven't replaced yet, so I've been putting off throwing them out. Of course, the easy answer here would to just Stop Being Attached to having every single episode of shows in my possession but, errrr... that's hard! On the whole, I've curbed my packrat tendencies (mostly by not allowing myself to touch knick-knacks, Happy Meal toys, etc, for fear that I will become Emotionally Attached), but TV shows in complete sets? I still have a very strong urge to hoard them all under my bed and bodily defend them, even if I don't watch them for years. I'm so not enlightened yet. *twitches a bit*

I think I'm in need of a sugar daddy.
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