August 24th, 2005

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Atlantis Recap!

Oh MY. mspooh is in top form this week. *is completely dead from laugh*

Snarky Recap of "Trinity", Or: The One That Made Us All Slashers at zeropointsnark.

edit to randomly complain: Our rugs are being cleaned. I am now trapped in my room for the next four hours. Errr. I should have brought food. (I am, however, grateful for the first time that my room doesn't have a rug. I will be taking this back VERY STRONGLY come winter, when I lay all my clothes out on the floor in an intricate pattern as insulation from the freezing basement.)
xf - scully baby - carolina

baby!fic, OH MY.

A comment discussion over at zeropointsnark made me consider that perhaps baby!fic won't send me to ficwriter hell, so I drag these out of hiding. :) No, you're not allowed to disown me.

Title: "Strategic Planning"
Rating: G
Pairings: Sparky friendship/UST, mentions of Ford/Teyla
WARNINGS: There's a baby. It is spawned of Teyla and Ford. There is also related babycuteness. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.
Summary: It always helps to have backup.
Author's Note: mspooh's fault. I had shame before I met her, I swear.

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Aaaand... more of it. *sheepish*

Title: "Object Permanence"
Rating: G
Category: Sheppard/Weir friendship/UST. Ford/Teyla implied. Baby!fic.
Summary: At a certain stage of development, children learn that things still exist even when they are out of sight.
Author's Note: mspooh and qwirky are enabling me, and contributing to the total downfall of me never being able to say anything bad about bad!fic ever. again. Yay? Qwirky inspired a seekwel by making me think the Sparky relationship in this possible future is actually interesting... but I wrote this fluffy prequel first. Oops.

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