September 22nd, 2005

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Things I Learned Updating My Website

1) There's a reason why people automate their sites.
2) I have a deep-rooted mental block against the proper spelling of Siege.
3) "rein" versus "reign" is also a tricky concept.
4) If I ever wait nine months plus to update my website again, I'm going to have to slap myself in the face.

My website has FINALLY been updated after at least nine months, omg, with 8 SG-1 stories, 2 Babylon 5 stories, one each of X-Files, new-skool Battlestar Galactica, and original fiction, and 28 Atlantis stories. Most of these were posted to this journal at one time or another, I think, but I suck fantastically at cross-posting and some of these are edited comment-fics and challenge-fics and other things... so there's probably still new things. :)

Edit: And I totally forgot to even upload the new Enterprise stories... but they're there now! Three Four of them. Yay.

website, omg!

I'm planning to notify the Sheppard/Weir yahoo lists and community about my website update, because I should have cross-posted all this fic and, er, didn't. If anyone thinks that's a Bad Bad Idea due to internet taboos I'm not familiar with, please let me know.

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OMG, YAY. *gleeefully scratches that off to-do list*
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