October 8th, 2005

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the end of an era

It's amazing how different it is this year.

I've been thinking about the difference between this and 2003, and how I still screamed and jumped and wore my rally cap, I don't now feel like I need to have rage and silent mourning for the entire off-season. It's just different to lose when it's just a loss, just an elimination, and doesn't have the weight of history and Babe Ruth attached.

It doesn't mean quite what it used to, not yet, but I still find myself saying: There's always next year.

(As for the rest of October, the White Sox impressed the hell out of me as much as I really wish they hadn't, and I now hope they go all the way.)

(I'm not yet ready to flail coherently over the off-season, either. I couldn't believe the announcers on ESPN were, like, trading away Kevin Millar and Johnny Damon in the SEVENTH INNING. Stop that! *clings girlishly to favorite players*)


For those of you who are all "I always kind of tune out when she starts talking about that sport that might be baseball, but I'm just not sure," I'll add in that fanfic100 has been amusing the hell out of me all day. Collapse )
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sga - sparktober

beta request

Am in search of eyes.

Anyone feel up to looking over a 2000-word Sheppard!fic? A lot of it is pre-series, though there's Sheppard/Weir in there as well.

*looks cute*

Edit: Got one! *snuggles phrenitis*
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