October 30th, 2005

sga - sparktober

the gleee in revue, and Lois & Clark some more

I have been very remiss in pointing out certain things of EXTREME GLEEE!

I got PRESENTS IN THE MAIL!! Gleee! miekec has sended me glee (literally!) and stickers! And besyd sent me a survival-y blanket thing such that was a prop in that one survival-y Atlantis fic she helped me write!! And spockette sent me presents from SCOTLAND and has the cutest, neatest handwriting EVER and the cutest wrapping skills (my wrapping skills are so INFERIOR!) and there is a tribble and more stickers and a children's book that is a metaphor for gleee and stuff.

*attacks everyone with great snuggles* You are all so very loved!! It was the gleeefullest minutes of... a long time! ... tearing open envelopes and boxes of GLEEE. (Kimmy sent me, like, the Fort Knox of international mail. It took me fifteen minutes to break through all the tape.) So very timely. Thank you! *sticks stickers on things*

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Oh, fine, a poll:

When will Little Red start writing Lois & Clark fanfic?

She already has, I'll bet. Sekritly. Wearing glasses.
Now, please>
In the next week, for sure.
Whenever she gets season two, because for reasons she cannot now recall, she wanted to grow up and be Mayson Drake.
She won't. She'll get tired of this fandom revival before that happens/some other reason.
Actually, I have some plot bunnies/challenges for you...
"A Fine Romance" / "Second Chances" / That Other Other Unfinished Fanfic. WHAT THE HELL.
Dear God, no. JUST NO.

Yeah, yeah, sharp sticks and plot bunnies are gratefully accepted in comments.

Edit: I forgot to put in a tickybox of tickyboxness and there is a punctuation error and I deserve to be shunned from the internet but people have clicked on the poll already so I can't fix it! *WAILS!*
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