November 8th, 2005

sga - sparktober

*purchases ten oxen at the store*

mileage: 0000

I leave tomorrow!

Gleee!car is packed. Boxes are going to be shipped. OMFG.

I have been running around compulsively packing things into other things for the past few days, and as such have not checked into LJ. I haven't even really been near my phone, so I missed a few calls from you lovely people. Sorry!

Today was awesome. I got lots of last-minute things done, and mystic_isles000 BOUGHT ME A MASSAGE, because she is awesome, and I had an hour of BLISS amidst all the stress and packing. JOY! (Even more joy -- she is going to mostlikely move out and join us in January! It will be the Star-Trekkiest townhouse EVAR.)

So yes. Tomorrow morning I have a doctor's appointment, for which I am completely unprepared in the way of planning-what-I-will-say, but oh well! And then (once prescriptions are called in and filled) we GO, OMG. As it stands now, because I'm traveling with my mom, I won't be stopping to see anyone. I'm so sorry! If things change, I will call you!

There's a good chance I will have internet at some of the hotels we will stay at along the way, so I will try to check in if possible. If you have my cell phone number, you can definitely call me, though I won't answer if I'm driving or my mother will be displeased. Plan is that we will get to Portland on Wednesday the 16th.

... that's all I have brain for at the moment!

*lots of love*