November 24th, 2005

sga - sparktober

Frequently Asked Questions

Dude, did you die of cholera on your way to Portland or something?

No! I actually made it! I didn't even lose any bullets in the river!

Do you have a place to live yet?

Sort of! w0lfstar and I have located a duplex in Aloha, Oregon that we have named FORT AWESOME, for it is AWESOME and, er, fort-like. We have been approved to rent there by the landlord. Father of w0lfstar will look it over as a Responsible Adult on Saturday to see if we missed anything glaringly obvious that should keep us from renting it, and then I will hand in deposit cheque, omfg. We are not lying when we call it "Fort Awesome," for it has a two-car garage and a lawn that we do not have to mow and a gas fireplace. IT IS SUCH GLEEE.

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Once we are sure that we have it and have a move-in date, address can be sent to interested parties in a blatantly obvious solicitation for mail and visits.

WTF is up with the internet abandonment?

Er, I suck. I have really been spending all my energy looking for places to live and staying healthy and being rather daunted by the internet. I've been getting my medically dictated share of computer radiation by looking through craigslist for places, so I still have a healthy green glow, but I haven't checked LJ or answered email or anything since Massachusetts.


I love! I love! I will return to the intarweb at some point soon when life and brain calm down, I am sure. In the meantime, if you have anything you would like me to see (Big Important Life Things, vids or fics I must see, LJ posts in which you have started rumors about me, etc), leave a comment! And I will try. Really. Soon. Also let me know if I owe you anything, as I apparently left some important memory-containing brain cells in Idaho somewhere.

Have you seen new 'lantis?

No! Not yet, so no spoilers please. Sorry! We did acquire ourselves Season 1 DVDs when Bank of America gave us free money and are enjoying watching it dubbed in Portuguese on the Sheryl's parents' giant-ass TV screen.

Expect the final update of the Oregon Trail soon! Yay!

*much love*