November 26th, 2005

sga - sparktober

Things Of Gleee

Real Life Gleee: WE GOT FORT AWESOME! Lease hasn't yet been signed, but a scrap of paper was signed in the presence of witnesses, and a cheque was handed over. My new duplex of future unbridled geekiness is the sexiest thing ever. w0lfstar and I have not stopped squeeeing. We get keys in one week! Saturday, ho!

Looking for work will now commence. Eeeee! So exciting. (Oh. And, like, find beds and couches to sleep on. Right.)

Fandom Gleee: Atlantis DVDs? Are just unbelievably hot on w0lfstar's big-giant TV. OMG. My Sparky love has come back in force.

And just to capitalize on the Size Does Matter Hotness Factor of the big-giant TV, we watched Lois & Clark. Yes, yes, that fandom-in-a-teacup obsession of mine is still dying hard.

Also? Someone who is not me made Elizabeth Weir be an alum(na) of Brown University! There was no mention of linguistics, alas, but she clearly took some electives and perhaps a GISP in decoding alien languages. *claps hands with delight and hopes this becomes fanon* (Also, read it, because it is genfic with Sheppard and Weir and is really cute and fun, yay!)