December 3rd, 2005

sga - sparktober

Challenge Me Like A Spark Plug, Baby

So, my muse appears to have been medicated out of existance, and this is sad. Therefore, I would like to be challenged for ficlets in the hope that it will kick-start my brain! Yay! No guarantees, alas, (for either production or quality) for my brain is a bit MIA, but I have hope! And might as well try. :)

So! Challenge! Er... three choices!

1. Pick an ICON to inspire a ficlet! One of yours, one of mine, or a random one you picked off the street. ;)


2. Give me an MP3 of a song and a fandom/pairing/character hint!


3. .... make up your own better challenge, wheee!

All the usual fandoms are fair play! (Or, you know, anything you suspect I'd know enough about. I'll comment back if you choose a fandom I'm not familiar enough with.)