December 8th, 2005

sga - sparktober

and the weekend forecast for hell...

So, the Sci-Fi miniseries "The Triangle"? The made-for-TV by the Sci-Fi channel thinger about the Bermuda Triangle?

... was really really good.

It's warping my perception of reality. "Please can I have more of this sci-fi TV movie!? And I'm totally not saying that ironically, like I was that time with Skeeter 2: Return of the Giant Mutant Killer Mosquitoes!"

Anyone else spend this week watching it? Who is now not-so-sekritly wishing that it magically becomes a TV series somehow (it so can't, alas, but DUDE! Alternate realities and wackiness and shenanigans!) and possibly 'shipping characters whose names we can't even really remember?

The whole thing's airing again on Sunday at, er, some time.
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