December 11th, 2005

sga - sparktober

"Sachi/George Foreman OTP!" and other unfortunate Sheryl quotes

Okay, actually, that's the only one I can remember right now. What prompted it was the fact that we purchased for GEORGE FOREMAN KNOCKOUT SURFACE CLEANER for, like, 70 cents at Big!Lots. I have been getting my 70 cents' worth by scrubbing down Fort Awesome in a manner that's not at all compulsive, either (OH SHUT UP, it is totally normal to wash light bulbs). My OTP with George Foreman is totally on the rocks, though, because I actually don't much like this cleaner and am totally cheating on it with the No Brand Windex. Fortunately, I've worked through half the bottle already, and then I can move on to Sachi/Other Cleaning Product OTP.

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In other Totally Not Compulsive News, my vacuum cleaner has an attachment which is meant to VACUUM THE WALLS, which I then gleeefully did at Sheryl's encouragement. Then I started to worry about myself when I started vacuuming the freezer.

The source of all this totally normal cleaning gleee? WE HAVE FORT AWESOME!! We have signed a lease and gotten keys and everything! IT IS A HOUSE! So much joy. We set up the TV first, of course, and watched Anastasia and lots of Lois & Clark. We would like Clark Kents for Christmas, kthanx.

keenween and jupiterempath called mid-cleaning-spree(e) to ask us the following Very Important Star Trek Question:

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Oh! Oh! And in case any of you still thought there was hope for our sanities, we, er, might have gotten more mice. And by "might" I mean "totally did."

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We still haven't seen new episodes of 'lantis. It is killing me slowly and painfully, but I will continue to drown my sorrows by cleaning with my good buddy GEORGE FOREMAN.