December 20th, 2005

sga - sparktober


Okay, being awake still at 5:30 am while taking sleeping pills? Is not fair.

(I also object to the odd connection between a fatigue disorder, wtf and insomnia on the whole, but, well, you know.)

Clearly, there is only one thing for it! Bitching about it on the internet!

Instead of the usual Dramatic Desperate Flailing that accompanies Latenight Insomnia With Little Red, I will give a reader's digest update of recent events:

1) I have been totally ignoring you! Collapse )

2) We are moved in to Fort Awesome! We have furniture and a Christmas tree and it is really, really nice.

3) mouse!Lizzie is pregnant. w0lfstar fears that mouse!John is pregnant as well, which makes our house THE WORST BADFIC EVER (contains multiple-births and mpreg and characters being turned into cute fuzzy animals!).

4) At this point, I am kind of skipping Christmas. Collapse )

5) In typical [insert-city-here]-House-Of-Couch fashion, my DVDs are brainwashing my roommates. Sheryl is inhaling Collapse )

6:15 am! I will now put off wishing for death by cleaning my room.