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I feel a "service engine soon" light coming on...

I think my sarcasm regulator is out of alignment.

Developer: "Hey, Sachi, one of the guys in our office calls you Versace."
Me: "Right, I've never heard that one before."
Developer: "It's really clever, isn't it? I can't believe no one's thought of it before!"

Now he's calling me Ver-Sachi all the time. *headdesk* DON'T YOU START.

OH, and speaking of internal machinery in need of maintenance? The dimmer switch on my guiltometer is busted. I've realized that there's no degree with how I feel after I've made a mistake of some kind -- like, if I give someone the wrong road to turn down when giving driving directions (OMG I SORREEEEE) it feels the same as if I just lit their new puppy on fire and ran over it with my car, and I flail around the office for a few hours worrying that I have irreparably screwed up the universe.

Perhaps I will take myself in for a Regularly Scheduled Maintenance & Reality Check.
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