January 6th, 2006

sga - sparktober


I'm so confused. We all hate Sheppard/Weir now? I'd ask "why?", but I actually don't want you to tell me, because I suspect it will involve spoilers. And possibly a serious dose of fandom crack.

In other OTP news, my subconscious is smarter than me. It has learned that I will not adhere to a wake-up time if it tempts me with the possibility of Talia/Garibaldi dreams if I return to sleep. (It was really quite awesome and crazy and if you ignore the fact that B5 seemed to look like the inside of a natural history museum, it was cool! There was lots of stuff about How It Was On Earth During The Clark Years and there was lots of running around and Talia was even more of a double-agent and, er, randomly made out with some chick behind the Tyrannosaurus bones in order to keep her cover.)

Anyway! My dreams are taking advantage of the fact that I can't get my fix anywhere else!

I have been trying to write fic for them myself, but have been totally failing. I even reread all my embarrassingly old-skool fanfic and contemplated updating it. *needs other fic for inspiration, omg*

So... um... if anyone feeds me fic (friendship! UST! RST! randomly running into each other in the hallway!) or icons or art or ANYTHING, for I scour the internet in a pathetic way every month and have come up with next to nothing, I'll be your best friiiiend (and/or do something else really nice for you)! I'm open to suggestions!

Also, if anyone has recs for Garibaldi or Talia character fic, I'd love it. Because, as I said, I've been reading my old-skool fanfic, and I really need to stop characterizing Garibaldi as a lovesick teenager, kthanx even though he totally has his moments, just with more fits of rage.
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