January 15th, 2006

sga - sparktober


Headline: Lizzie!mouse died very unexpectedly last night.

She was totally the bestest mouse ever because she preferred being on a person to not being on a person (especially meeeee, but that's just because she lived in my bedroom). She would hang out on me for hours while I lay on the floor reading and wouldn't run away, and would run up this bird-ladder I bought her to hang out by the opening of her cage and beg to be taken out. She would also fall asleep on my keyboard whenever I was LJ-ing, because the keyboard is warm.

This is, of course, all because she had been in quarrantine away from the other mice (who we thought were the sick ones, wtf) for a month, and so was more socialized with humans than with mice. I selfishly want to keep all my pets that way in the future so that they will LOVE ME.

(For those who will wonder, John!mouse really could not have cared less. It was kind of sad. He's totally having a transgendered gay mouse relationship with Ronon now in their double-decker Penthouse Of Love. w0lfstar and I are considering taking their names away and renaming them Lois & Clark.)

I still really miss my dog, and feel guilty that every time one of the mice dies, she's totally what I think of.

In other news, I think I need a mental health filter and/or a boot to the head. This shit's getting to feel like too much to deal with by myself, but I've gotten all skeered of posting again.