January 28th, 2006

b5 - ivanova oven - crazybee

*clings to the rafters*

OMG, screw it. It's 7:15 am. I'm giving up on trying to sleep and declaring it tomorrow.

Oddly, I've been more productive in one night of Little Red's Brain Attempts To Ward Off Sleep than I have been for the past four days! Witness:

Collapse )

This post brought to you by roothekittycat, who nudged me and requested that I tell livejournal about my life. So it's my fault that my life is so incredibly mundane, but her fault that you all get to hear about it. *grins*
b5 - ivanova oven - crazybee


I have just lost The Game.

SORREEE. Kimmy, you only have yourself to blame for getting me into it in the first place!
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