January 17th, 2007

sga - sparktober

SNOW DAY! And Not That Scary Kids' Movie Where That Kid Gets Tied To A Snow Plow.

My city has been semi-paralyzed and my office has been closed for TWO DAYS because of half a foot of snow! The greater Portland area has issued public memos like, "If you're waiting to get plowed out, sit tight, it may take a few days. Well, actually, we're just going to wait for it to melt." My stone-cold New England heart mocks this, but my new snow-pansy Portland liver is very happy to stay indoors and wait for it to all melt, as ordered.

In other news, there seems to be Major Fandom Angst running around on the Atlantis front. I'm unspoiled, and so cannot tell whether this is Major Fandom Angst of The Show Being Cancelled or Major Fandom Angst Like John Makes Out With Teyla. Much like Captain Janeway of the Starship Voyager, fandom emotion doesn't seem to have too many settings. (Really! We've been watching Voyager on Spike, and Gira points out: "See that look on Janeway's face because her ship is about to blow up? EXACT SAME LOOK that time Lord Burleigh tried to kiss her in the holodeck.") So... eek? I'm really scared to look. *offers blind solidarity and love to all*

Also, I started going mental again, then I stopped, but I realized that I am a Terrible Horrible Friend For Not Realizing And Giving Everyone Everything They Could Possibly Want And Am Therefore An Awful Person (scaled back from mentalness and translated: I suck at keeping in touch when I'm this busy, and feel like I should be a better friend to those who are close to me). To appease the Horrid Guilt I feel when I think of all those livejournals I haven't been reading since I got this job:

1) You can defriend me if you want. Really. I mean, you always can, but consider this reassurance that I'm not going to throw a fit and cry, because I feel awfully bad that I'm cluttering up your friends page when I look at mine once a week (if the Gods of real estate school are being kind), and then I feel bad commenting because I've been so out of the loop that I don't know what's going on.

2) You can answer the following poll:

Little Red is looking to devote her limited free time to Being A Better Friend And Human. To best accomplish this, as far as you are concerned, she should:

Screw personal contact; write fanfic! (Challenges, pairing suggestions welcome in comments.)
Read my LJ more often! And comment!
Exchange emails!
Make/send me cards/pressies! (Send address to mylittleredgirl[at]gmail[dot]com)
omg!!1! a poll!

To make this LJ Better Worth The Bytes It's Printed On, Little Red should:

Post fanfic, dude. We've been over this.
Post more often! Even if it is vaguely snarky commentary on LR's mundane life.
Go have wild crazy affairs with men and women and regale us with debaucherous tales!
Post more creative stuff: knitting blogness, Adventures Into Cross-Stitching, non-fanfic creative writing Little Red has previously assumed the flist has no interest in.
Er, post less about boring things.
Post more Things I Can Relate To, like teevee commentary on all the Star Trek you watch.
I'm not speaking to you again until you start writing recaps again for zeropointsnark. End of story.
No-longer-baby rat updates!
Create elaborate filters, such that I can choose to read only about knitting and jake 2.0 and can ignore all the other stuff, etc!
OTHER. See comment below!

Er, forgive the long post. ANSWER MY POLL, I command you!