January 22nd, 2007

sga - sparktober

*tears out hair*

ARG. So, there's this Sparky thing. It started out as an errant thought in the middle of the night (what if Shep and Weir actually, liek, live until retirement?), turned into an experiment, and is now DRIVING ME CRAZY.

Seriously! You know, like, when you're writing a fic and really nothing interesting happens, but that means you don't really have an ending, and you've got like five thousand words down already so you sort of feel obliged to keep writing it into the ground until somebody does something that can make it stop? And the whole mood of the story is kind of boredom and blah-ness, and that's on purpose, but that also MEANS IT IS REALLY BORING AND BLAH.

Maybe this is why people invented outlines.


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