January 29th, 2007

sga - sparktober


Erm, I have no clever subject line, obvy.

Watching Jake 2.0 is like this endless stream of "Hey! It's that guy!/girl!/zomg!" It's like a fandom nursery. In "The Prince and The Revolution," there's Dee as a bratty college student/international assassin and Carson Beckett as someone who disappears people. Love eet.

There are, of course, things not to love about Jake 2.0. The opening monologue is only okay if you laugh the whole way through (because it's clearly ironic... right? He is the ultimate geek-boy upgrade, okay?), and the monologue also heralded the beginning of The Jake 2.0 Era Where Jake Is Suddenly Invincible. It's not that I don't love him as James Bond 2.0, but the transition was a little sharp. And where the heck is Sarah? I forgot she disappeared for so long, and Diane doesn't even get to gloat, because she's stuck in the lab with No One Talking To Her, for the most part.

I'm kind of freaking out about how the pilot episode was deleted off my DVR, though, and I think it missed taping an episode last week, because OMG IT IS JAKE 2.0 AND MAY NEVER AIR AGAIN EVER, AND MY LIFE IS NOW INCOMPLETE! Think someone in authority would release it on DVD in exchange for sexual favors? I'm super cute, I swear! I do yoga! I'm not above whoring myself out for a good cause! *leaves post unlocked, just in case*

Edit: Ohhh... yah, so, my DVR missed "Middleman," or Sci-Fi neglected to air it, and that's where my confusion about Sarah stemmed from. Got it. And aj has pointed out that this post makes me seem really bonkers, but that shouldn't really surprise any of you. As you were.