February 6th, 2007

sga - sparktober

vicodin summer camp

Vicodin has better dreams than Percocet. (And you were there and you were there and you were there... and so were a lot of random folk singers. I called lifelongfling on the phone a lot -- from my remote control that doubled as a cell phone -- but she was listed in my phone book as Alexandra. Huh.)

It also allowed me to sleep, finally, to which I owe my semi-coherence this morning. Last night my loverly patched-over dry sockets started Collapse ) so I'm probably going back to los dentists to get re-patched. Now that I'm awake, the screaming pain has started again, and I *would* go back to sleep, but I haven't showered since, liek, the dawn of time. I pray I can con dentists into giving me an antibiotic, because I think all the fun and games has given me a sinus infection and running around to *other* doctors looking for drugs is not part of my game plan of the day.


AHAHAHA, okay. So, vicodin part II. I forgot I was posting, got confused, my coworker called for info from my computer and during the conversation I got more confused and thought I was ORDERING A PIZZA. She's all "Er... would you like a pizza?"

SO LOOPY. Now is a time to ask me questions I would not normally answer, except the answer you get might involve zebras and, er, drool. aldril you rock for emailing me omg! I'm sorry that your life is so sucky and will write you back alter!