February 11th, 2007

sga - sparktober

LJ is my anti-drug.

The latest vicodin dream:

The Voyager episode "Warlord" (read: Kes gets possessed by alien bloodthirsty warlord who can move from person to person as the hosts die) set in the Sex and the City universe.

I woke up screaming "NO, STANFORD CAN'T DIE!"

That show is scarily insidious, y0. Current wisdom-tooth setback aside, I'm actually quite pleased with my life, but my coworkers' nagging + many hours of that show when my nerves are worn down by LOTS OF PAAAAIN makes me start panicking that oh em gee, I must find a man now before I lose my pretty face and post-anorexic figure, and also, I hate my shoes. But it's so fluffy and gives me such wonderful fashion design ideas!

Anyway, I'm rationing my vicodin to keep from becoming a junkie, and am therefore in pain and bitchy (this is a VAST improvement over the "in pain and psychotically desperate" that was featured last week; I think this means I'm over the worst of it, though the second-worst still kind of sucks) and would love love love comment!spam, ficlet!spam etc to distract me. I will even try to comment!ficlet you back if I can stop rocking back and forth and whining long enough! OR JUST DO IT BECAUSE YOU LOVE ME AND I AM PATHETIC, OMG. (Family says I am a weenie because it has only been a week and a half. Doctor says I am not a weenie because infecty dry sockets are apparently The Most Painful Thing most people experience in their lifetime including childbirth, but I think she just said that to make up for the fact that she keeps telling me "just take ibuprofen!" and I'm all "I CAN'T BECAUSE I AM ALLERGIC AND WILL DIE" and she's all "Oh, right, sorry. That sucks to be you.")
sga - sparktober

B5 fic: "Overture"

Title: "Overture"
Rating: PG
Category: Babylon 5, pre-series
Characters: Talia Winters, Garibaldi, Bester
Challenge: "pink"
Spoilers: No plot spoilers, but I was thinking a lot about "Soul Mates" and "Divided Loyalties."
Summary: On Mars, Talia Winters' career is about to take off.
Author's Note: Pain meds. Not beta'd.

Collapse )

Edit: Oh, and miera_c and I committed Atlantis fic in this other post.