February 13th, 2007

sga - sparktober

Jake 2.0 fic! "Reparation"

Title: "Reparation"
Rating: PG
Category: Jake 2.0, Jake/Diane friendship/UST
Spoilers: post-ep for "Last Man Standing"
Summary: He needs to know why she's there.
Author's Note: I've never written for this fandom before, eek! For angel_grace. My DVR totally ATE this episode, and I am in mourning, but she is sending me TiVo-DVDs so I am her fanfic slave for the month. Send me your next challenge, dahling!

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sga - sparktober


So anyway, despite being on what meg_tdj calls the Navy SEALs of antibiotics, the infection is apparently considerably grosser than it was, and all this means that the dentist can't put the patches back in that were keeping me from screaming pain. *shakes fist*

However, unless there is actual screaming, I'm going back to work tomorrow. THANK GOD.

Other weird factoids include: my hair has grown, like, an inch in the past two weeks. Sister thinks my cells are dying at a accelerated rate; I'm thinking something along the lines of the Enterprise and that time Dr. Crusher had moss with 24 hours of growth.