February 22nd, 2007

sga - sparktober

Burning! Hellfires! Of! Rage!

So I went to work, but left early to go get a second opinion on the whole WISDOM TEETH OF DOOM scenario. The GOOD part is that apparently my oral surgeon is the best in the biz for stuff like this, and that she didn't screw up. The BAD news is that there's nothing anybody can do and APPARENTLY I'm to expect this to continue for another month, and that they were kinda surprised that after "only three weeks" I was bothering them. HELLO, PEOPLE, I NEED TO ATTEND WORK TO PAY FOR FOOD, and literally nobody suggested it might take this long to recover before going in for surgery, and so it's really ANNOYING of you to start acting all "I told you so" NOW.

So now I've been demoted from "medical freak of nature" according to Doctor 1 to "whiny impatient child" by Doctor 2. (No, no, he was nice about it. He said it was very diligent of me to seek out a second opinion, but really, I should trust the expert -- my original doctor -- and that I either need to be patient or have Doc #1 do painful things to try and make everything bleed more. BECAUSE MORE PAIN IS WHAT I NEED, KTHANX.)

And I don't get any more pain meds, still. People, I DON'T CARE right now if I get addicted or my liver explodes! Just give me a patch or something!

Now I will Work From Home for a while and therefore feel like half of a useful human being.

p.s. Don't tell me to Calm Down. I have been calm enough! I'm hoping my RAGE will carry me through the next MONTH WTF!
sga - sparktober

Jake 2.0 Episodes for YOUUU!

ficgate is MADE OF AWESOME, and has uploaded the entire series to yousendit. That's right. ALL THE EPISODES of Jake 2.0, so that you can have them for your very own, learn what all the buzz is about, and finally get me to stop hassling you.

No excuses! You know you want to!

Episodes 1-8 are here!

Episodes 9-16 are here!

I expect to see pointing and clicking, people.