March 17th, 2007

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Work: A Fiscally Wise Alternative To Unemployment

Okay, so work is kind of a timewaster today, because everyone is watching March Madness or crawling out of their Portlandy moleholes to experience Real Live Actual Sun. However, it's been pretty entertaining so far:

1) My coworkers were literally running around in circles earlier watching gamecast and yelling "WHAT THE F*** IS GOING ON WITH OHIO STATE!?" Literal circles. Men in suits. Love eet.

2) A man walked in to look at condos, and is all, "My name is Alrick," and coworker C is all "Alrick? That's a new one for me..." and I am all "I AM FOR YOU, ALRICK OF VAULT!" Except maybe that last part wasn't out loud.

3) So last night, right? Season 5 started airing on Spike TV. To refresh your memory, the beginning of Season 5 was the time when Everyone Goes Freaking Bonkers, except Chakotay, who is running around trying to keep people from jumping off bridges and stuff. So to compensate, today I wrote Voyager fluff.

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