April 2nd, 2007

sga - sparktober


I am watching the first few minutes and am already bouncing up and down in RAPTURE at how much of a complete and utter tool Mark L. Wahlberg is (OH HOW I HAVE MISSED YOU!) and how they're all so delightfully naive and looking forward to whoring it up for a few weeks, and they're all just as ridiculous as I remembered.

It is SO STRANGE to be watching this without Mike's Hard Lemonade and donuts and saidshe and redbeard and Chris and 90 Sheldon! It's actually kind of painful to watch alone, because you kind of need to yell and scream to make it bearable AWESOME.

I badly, badly, badly want to somehow convert this to DVD and have a reunion with saidshe when she's back in the country. I thought I knew how to at least tape it to the old VCR from the Comcast DVR, but it's not working, and anyway, who's going to have a VCR in five minutes? If someone would direct me to where I could illegally ahem this show and/or have had success with a DVD recorder and a Comcast DVR, let me know? Please?


I give up! I need a Temptation Island tag.