April 10th, 2007

sga - sparktober

and I...

I seriously love LJ's autosave draft feature, but it makes it annoyingly evident how dramatically my moods change from one hour to the next!

So the reader's digest version of recent goings-on:

Life: I feel like things, mostly things in my head, are diligently trying to come apart. Any move I make in any direction will only make things worse, so I'm... sitting back and waiting, and coping, and praying, and watching my brain do what it does. It's lonely, and it kind of sucks, but it could be so much worse.

Religion: Sister and I have been defined at long last, and are apparently "New Agers." Collapse )

TV... giveth and the TV taketh away! On the giveth side, we have two happy nontrainwrecked episodes of Voyager: "Alice," in which Kate Heightmeyer looks totally and completely different though the credits assure me that it's her, and "Riddles," which is just fabulous. We segued nicely from that Star Trek: Television For Women, The Tuvok Story moment to a Lifetime movie in which the cigarette-smoking man from X-Files lurks around in alleys and smokes threateningly and then hires Daniel Jackson to fake an Irish brogue and rape a supreme court nominee. Why? I don't know, something about revenge and blackmail, I was too busy hiding under a blanket. I may never watch SG-1 again. *FEARS*

Fandom: Should use more cut-tags. I'm just saying. I was the last person on the planet to know such-and-such spoilers for next season of Atlantis, and now I KNOW, and, well, I HAVE BEEN FLAILING ALL WEEK about whether I should comment on their livejournals and ask politely and risk yelling all-caps and mockery, or filter them quietly and risk MISSING the post where they save Pierce Brosnan from a burning car wreck or just... post passive-aggressively to my own journal! *sigh*