April 21st, 2007

trek - jc float on - daygloparker


Okay, do you ever have those moments where you're 12 years old and have been deprived of popular culture and then you mis-hear the song lyrics to a ten-year-old Eurythmics song and decide that omg, this is totally about Captain Whatshername and that hot first officer guy from that brand-new TV show! And you're completely wrong, but then suddenly you're 24 and youtube suggests you a mediocre J/C songvid that someone totally actually MADE to Here Comes The Rain Again, and it all comes FLOODING BACK to you about how, at around that same time, you used to a) actually really like Rod Stewart (deprived. of. popular. culture!) and b) used to sing along to it, changing the lyrics to Leave Jadzia Alone?


Just me then.

(If you're wondering, which you really shouldn't be, I misheard captive as captain, I do believe. Which is way more excusable than than the Rod Stewart thing.)