June 13th, 2007

sga - sparktober


Okay. Hi.

I have a fear of zombies. Like, completely irrational, somebody mentions a movie they saw once that sort of included the undead and I run screaming out of the room.

So yes! I'm sure it's very funny that everyone is blogging the giant zombie uprising, but I read medie's post and reflexively huddled under my desk and grabbed something sharp. (My office-mates are sort of wondering why I've been running around with a letter opener all day. My fear of zombies (reanimaphobia?) cannot be explained to regular people.)

Developer: "Hey, Sachi! They're putting in the flowers you wanted out front -- come check it out!"
Me: "Er... I can't go outside."
Developer: "...?"

So, er, I will not be writing zombie drabbles. In fact, posting zombie drabbles in my journal (using zombie icons, gnawing on my limbs, etc) will be grounds for IMMEDIATE UNFRIENDING for the duration of the apocalypse.
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