June 20th, 2007

sga - sparktober

deja what?

Google is doing HOROSCOPE RERUNS! I had this exact horoscope last month. EXACT!

This is a sign of:

Somebody totally slacking off at Google!
An unbelievable cosmic coincidence!
Further proof that horoscopes are a lie, lie, lie.
Further proof that Little Red pays far too much attention to detail.
A sign FROM THE HEAVENS that this one horoscope is very important and bears repeating.
jupiterempath's birthday made the cosmos explode!
It's been a long time since we've had a poll, and it was really the only thing to talk about at 1 in the morning.

jupiterempath is:

I do not know him, but all signs point to awesome.
I'm listening to Cher, watching Clue, mocking Robert Frost and raising a glass RIGHT NOW.

(Oh, the horoscope? Cancer: Too much data can be rather overwhelming today as you try to filter out the unnecessary noise. In order to minimize the flow of information, stop asking questions once you discover what you need to know. You can lessen the mental emphasis while reducing your sense of overload by taking any kind of positive action. Doing something is better than just thinking about it. Well, I suppose that's good advice to me ANY day I show up to work.)

ETA: UM. My Buddhist Thought Of The Day is ALSO a re-run! TODAY IS WEIRD in RSS-feed land.