August 26th, 2007

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This Is A Different Kiiiind of Angst Fiiiiic...

(Sing above subject line to tune of Cher's "Different Kind of Love Song," please.)

Let's take a moment to talk about anr, and how she is awesome. She writes, hands down, the most jawdropping "omgthatissoawesome" fanfic on the intarweb. Practically every ficathon out there is her fault. She makes Rare Collector's Item Icons (rare because she has a life, Collector's Items because they are so beautiful). And more importantly? She is ridiculously kind and sweet and the bestest intarweb friend a fangirl could have. Am I right, people? This girl gave me a permanent account for my birthday! (Which she probably thought I would use for, I don't know, fanfic, and instead I have spent it talking about how my job would be so much better if it was a TV show and I could sometimes just hit the Series Record button and take a day off.)

So what to give to anr for her birthday? (Which is tomorrow, by my calendar, but I am yet to figure out how timezones work in Australia and I'm pretty sure she is living IN THE FUTURE.) She deserves the bestest fanfic ever every day of the year! And I had some brilliant plans that involved a number of WIPs, but you know how that goes. So then I thought "ANGST! She thinks I don't write enough angst fic. She likes angst."

And then, instead of a proper angst fic, I write a future-fic that is probably less "angsty" than "really kind of depressing," and not so much a thing to give someone on their birthday.

Happy birthday, Nessie. If you don't like it, and even if you do, I've got a number of other fics that are YOURS as soon as they are done. <3 <3 <3

Title: "Twilight"
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Sheppard/Weir, other/other. Future!fic.
Summary: He wants it to be over because he wants to know, for sure, if he'll be able to do this without her.
Author's Note: This was supposed to be the first part of a "Five Men Who Loved Elizabeth Weir" story, but it insists on standing alone for the time being. I really like it. I suspect most of you will not.

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... err...

Have you ever looked at your friends page after a little while away and wondered if it's some crazy planned conspiracy to get you to write RPF?

*suspects there is something in the water*

(Also: yah, I haven't been reading. My beloved pet Porthos was dying a long slow death (*sad cries*) and somebody at work thought that me "pulling stretches" would build character -- it seems sales is a lot like medicine that way -- so there hasn't been much time. If anything exciting has happened to you or you've posted fun things you would like me to squeee over, please let me know! If you're sick of these "omg, I have not been reading... again..." posts, you can unfriend me and I probably won't even notice until September, but otherwise, fill me in! Yay!)

Other things I should probably do someday:
1) Watch the second half of Atlantis Season 3
2) Watch the last season of SG-1, Now For Sale At Your Local Costco
3) Watch the Jericho that Nessie sent me
4) Locate, download, and watch the last billion episodes of Army Wives that I so kindly bullied you all into watching.
5) Do that stupid sales homework for the all-day Marketing Directors training tomorrow (and by "someday" I mean "right now" on this one, unfortunately. I grew up to stop having homework, dammit!).
6) Get up. off. the bathroom. floor. (At least my body's been obeying the official scheduling of sick-at-home not-sick-at-work.)

/random plea for attention
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