August 30th, 2007

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Ficlet Prompts! (all the cool kids are doin' it...)

OMG, I love peer pressure. *clings*

Prompt me for Baker's Drabbles! (things which start as drabbles but you get extra words as a bonus, because I am challenged by counting and... brevity.) Also: 5 Things prompts. Also: ... haiku prompts? Icon prompts? What are all you kids writing these days?

You know which shows I watch (have watched, don't watch but like to think about, etc)! Chances are I haven't seen the last billion episodes, so no spoilerz in the prompts for anything recent. All pairings are fair game, even ones I don't normally write, rpf included. (Also comment if you'd prefer that I post any rpf behind a filter that you can't see not write rpf so that I remain good and pure in your eyes!)

Also: If any of you could make the weekend come a little faster, that would rock.

(Oh, and to start things off, here's one I wrote for peanutbutterer in her journal)

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