September 18th, 2007

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happy happy birthday besyd!!!

besyd, to whom I owe many things, including but not limited to:

Extensive knowledge of commas and how to occasionally use them properly (with supervision),
Continued sanity during a period of ridiculous insomnia (it helps that she was working the night shift, but I pretend she would have stayed up feeding me squeee on the internet anyway),
Pretty much all my Sam/Jack fic (I think I only wrote Daniel/Janet until I met her),
Pretty much all... well, most of my other fic (she can't be blamed for some things, since she only politely tolerated my omgwtflaaaaaantis!!1! and my need to write fanfic where everyone gets drunk and cuts each other's hair),

and finally:

My real, true appreciation of gun porn.

This fanfic doesn't have anything to do with the above and no doubt has unsupervised commas everywhere, but it is Sam/Jack, and it has Jacob, and it is all for you. :)

Also? I have this weird recollection that once upon a time you asked me to knit you gloves, and I said yes, and... did I make this up? Was that five years ago? Please tell me, because I will gladly knit you things (if you will gladly send me reminders so I don't forget for six months).

Title: "Something Old"
Author: Little Red
Rating: G
Spoilers: Jacob & Selmak general stuff.
Pairing: Sam/Jack. It's sort of a Jacob story in my head, though.
Summary: Sam moves a lot, but some things stay the same.

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more birthday gleee!

brightcupenny! Your birthday totally snuck up on me!

Please imagine that I remembered before I just checked the birthday list and I wrote you lots of delightful TNG fanfic and mini!otp and other things that you love! For you deserve the mostest wonderfulness ever!

*distracts you with shiny icon*

Oooh! I have read through my mini!otp fics that I am writing and have found a snippet that's not entirely depressing and is suitable for birthday snippetage! *smooches you* So here, in its unedited glory, is a scene from a fic that may someday exist in a complete sort of way:

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