September 22nd, 2007

gleee! - nenya

potential doggie!

I have spent two years proving that I am grown up and saying "I want a DOOOGGGGGG!!"... and, um, I might get one now. :)

I wanted to wait until I had a house and a yard and get a really big dog, but after dog-sitting for Hollyboo (a friend's pug) for two weeks, I'm kind of in love with this 20-30 lb doggie range, and I fell ridiculously in love with pugs (they are SO CUTE even though they are SO UGLEEEE). Because I can have a smaller doggie in an apartment, and I may live in an apartment again someday... I mean, my life is probably going to change a lot in ways I can't even predict in the next 15 years, and especially in the next five, so a smaller/medium dog seems like it'll make a better lifelong companion. :) (I'll get the Shepherd/Dane mix once I've settled down, haha...)

And DOG LOVE! And I'm pretty much always in serious need of dog love. I mean, you people tell me "I love you!" but I'm crazy in the head, so I don't always believe you. (But doggies? Love you no matter HOW crazy in the head you are.)

So, um, I have filled out an application for this doggie from a rescue in the middle of Central Washington, but omfg, is she not SO REALLY CUTE?? (And she's a pug... but mixed with a lab, so it's totally like a real dog!)

She's poifect! Doggie wishes: at least a year old, short hair, full of love & cuddles, likes the car so will go adventuring with me, not a hunting/terrier dog so it doesn't eat the rats. :)

So, yah, I may still come to my senses, or the rescue may find someone else before I can get out to freaking Yakima, WA, but I'm kind of excited. Portland is such a dog-friendly city, and I am a dog person. And I live in Portland. Therefore, Sachi = needs dog.

Kaya? You can show Mom the pictures but don't say I applied because, um, she'll sort of panic that I'm ruining my life. I'm going to break it to them gently if I get a doggie. Like, maybe in five years.