September 25th, 2007

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potential doggie update

So I didn't get a reply on the application I made for the pug mix doggie that I was all in omglove with, so I sent another email, and was told that she's being held for another family. :( (I was actually too disappointed yesterday to post about it because I am that awesome and was so looking forward to having a dog again. I went home and moped in my dog-less house.)

Now, I could have taken this as a sign that the universe is Saving Me From Myself And That My Mother Is Right And Having A Dog Will Completely Ruin My Life In Untold Ways. Or I could spend the entire day on conducting lots of elaborate searches. Which do you think I chose?

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She is a mutt who was made in Taiwan! No, literally, she was found under somebody's car in Taiwan and shipped to Aloha, Oregon in somebody's luggage. OMFG. (Somewhere between Taiwan and Aloha she was spayed and house-trained.) I sent in an application and asked to find out more about her, to see if she would like living in the Aloha Island Abode (and future unknown residences of the Little Red Household). They might think I'm too weird, though, after requesting a pet meet for my pet rats (HEY, it shows responsible pet ownership, so shut it).

Do you think I will have to learn Chinese for a non-English-speaking dog?
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Livejournal: The Sekrit Curse

It's my own fault. I post a doggie on livejournal with MAD SQUEEE and then I get an email that she has been spoken for. :( Alas!

(Although, um, with the They Make Them Cuter In Taiwan dog, technically the adopters have to think about it for one more night, so there is still a chance, but it would be really mean of me to ask you all to hope the adopters find a box of adorable puppies on their front porch or something tomorrow, right? And then decide they want the lovely white puppy to go with Little Red instead? If you love me, you'll seriously wish that.)

Therefore, due to the LIVEJOURNAL CURSE, I will not link a picture to the mini-mini-miniature Shepherd who was also brung over here from Taiwan in luggage (this one was found drowning in a river as a tiny puppy and then left in a box for months, like, note to all: don't be reincarnated as a dog in Taiwan). Doesn't that make you want to feed her lots of kibble and wrap her in a blankie and kiss her on the nose a lot and show her DVDs of Star Trek? Welcome to America, puppykins!