September 28th, 2007

sga - sparktober



*dances around in crazy delight*

I'd all-caps about that some more, but my application for doggie adoption was APPROVED and we are going to go meet the darling little Taiwanese puparoo on Sunday! I have validation that I might not suck as a doggie owner! And now that The Curse Has Been Lifted and she was not adopted out from under mi nose before I could even meet her (which: YAY! People are adopting doggies! *claps excitedly for world*)... pictures!

Kind of not the best pictures, but I think the general idea is that they took a German Shepherd, shrunk her in the wash, and then stuck her in a laundry basket, while she goes "... I am not entirely sure about this flashy thing you're flashing at my face." (except she says all that in Mandarin Chinese, natch).

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I love it. A pocket-sized Shepherd. Personally, I think she's saying, "I'd like to sit in my basket and watch Star Trek with Little Red and her sister and the geek!rats!" Don't you?

Now that I've been validated as OMG, People With Credentials Will Totally Let Me Have My Very Own Dog, I'm a little nervous. Okay, very nervous. Because if I totally love this little doglette upon meeting her I just... omg! Will I be a good enough doggie master?