October 3rd, 2007

sga - sparktober

you are the only, only, oooonlyyyy

Okay. Remember this little mini German-Shepherd Taiwan muttnik?

I met her last Sunday! She is absolutely the cutest, sweetest little dog in the history of little doggies and I am MADLY IN LOVE. She has these dainty little feet and looks so unbelievably CUTE when she's sitting or lying down, and she can curl up into the smallest little ball because she's all legs. OMG. LOVE HER!

We have done all our final applications. They sent back a message saying things are really busy, they'll have to coordinate delivery, but omg, that means YES and we will soon have a little doglette in our family!

Today we went shopping for toys (and all the practical things, but mostly toys). I'm getting a hand-me-down crate from a coworker whose Chow outgrew it (this coworker also wants to throw me a "puppy shower." She looooooves her Chihuahuas and her Chow. LOVES.). We have about ten million big pillows in our house (from the days of No Couch, Just Make Do) so we're not buying a doggie bed so much as giving her access to the family pillow fortune.

And we got a little ID tag engraved! She is to be named Tessie. (She's a year old, but only got a name at all 2 weeks ago when she landed in America, so she's still pretty open-minded on the whole name thing.)

Tessie seems like a good doggie name (and it doesn't hurt that it makes me HAPPY BEYOND REASON every time I hear it thanks to the Dropkick Murphys and the 2004 Boston Red Sox). Can you all think of any reason not to name her Tessie? Speak now! (Sister fell asleep on the drive home from PetSmart and mumbled "We should've named her Skwerl, because in Taiwan, dogs are like squirrels..." LOL.)

I'm so happy I'm getting a dog. I'm even happier because it's this dog, because she appears to be made of snuggly awesomeness.