October 8th, 2007

sga - sparktober

doggie day one!

ZOMG, we really have dog!

Sister and I are still arguing a bit about her name. I really like "Tessie" for a dog, and I think I'm getting use to it for her, but I'm not absolutely positive it's the right name, though the Red Sox do seem to be winning an awful lot. Gira really likes "Shanti," the Sanskrit word for 'peace,' which might be a nice word to apply to our skittish little doglette, but I don't know if it sounds too much like "Sachi." Pretend my journal is like one of those baby name communities ("zomg, I r totally going to name my kid Harry Potter Jones! You like eet?"). Vote your choice!

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punk! - lyssie

unpunk: help, o wise expunk friendslist!

The blue hair is Not Going To Fly, but it's actually not my fault. Apparently it wouldn't have been a big deal as an admin (our other admin girl bleached her bangs and the front chunks of her otherwise-black hair).

However, the ish has hit the fan at work about our new coworker-with-a-Y-not-an-I (who, after throwing an unbelievable fit and yelling at me and another coworker on Friday, didn't show up to work for 3 days and then resigned, making up a whole bunch of stuff that we all apparently said and did to her).

Now, I've evidently getting a backhanded promoted -- I have to act as the third sales agent and come in on Saturdays, but I'll continue to be paid as an admin -- and apparently I need to look RESPECTABLE and get rid of the blue now that I'm in Sales And Not Just Admin (or, I assume, do a better job of disguising it).

Okay, so, let's pretend I bleached the streaks first and it's permanent (or long-term semi-permanent) dye, and they've already nixed the idea of dyeing my hair black to cover it all.

Suggestions? Is there a kind of pigment-removing product that won't make your hair fall out if used on top of bleach? Are women's hats/headwraps back in fashion such that one could wear them to work and not just to church? Can expensive salons do this if I throw money at them?? HELP PLEEZ.

-- Little Red, who feels like quite enough of a moron already.
sga - sparktober

a cold war

The menagerie in our house have reached a sort of an impasse.

The Temporarily Named Dog watches the rats...

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... and the rats watch back.

She's taken a few lunges at them but the resulting clatter of rats scares her off (so she goes running to the other room and the other rats). The rats toss her little seeds and things for her troubles. (I trust the occasional rat poop will not kill a dog so long as they are domesticated plague-free rats, but it's a very good reason to keep the doglette from licking my face in between vacuumings).

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