October 14th, 2007

sga - sparky revolution - lyssie

viva la revolution!

Everybody go add "season one" to their interest list! (No, really, go. I'll wait.)

Yeah, yeah, right now that interest is monopolized by rarely-updated communities and rpg characters from shows I don't watch, but soon we will TAKE IT OVER, as we have taken over so many things before!

Ehm, I have no Sparky Gleee prepared for today's portion of SPARKY OCTOBER. So... um... I think Lyssie might have challenged me to a certain 5 things recently.

A bit porny. I love that OOC is the new black.

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sga - sparktober

chip off the ol' battery of lab tests...


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In other Sachi's Crazy Pets news, last night the national news segment of our local Oregon evening news did a story on a woman in Kentucky with 32 pet rats.

... which, for those keeping track, is exactly 5 more pet rats than we currently have. National news. At least it was a human interest story, and not "... charges of animal hoarding are pending and the suspect has been taken in for psychiatric evaluation."