October 15th, 2007

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a monday is a monday is a monday.

... even when you have the day off. (Realty TV will now be airing on Tuesdays-Saturdays.)

I have failed to anally probe my dog for temperature readings. I have to go to the vet's office to get her some ear-cleaning goo, so I'll ask them about ear-thermometers for dogs or magical fairy dust or something since the vet called me to insist that the dog's temperature has to be monitored at home to ensure she does not spontaneously combust.

The preliminary blood results are in. Her antibodies are "out of control" and she's got some anemia thing they think is related to chronic illness (how can they tell?). They're sending it all to someone smarter for further analysis. :-/ She seems pretty healthy today, though. (I'm a little stressed, and having all kinds of asthmatic doom which makes me want to flail all melodramatically about how I faaaail galactically at life. I've hit my own ignore button.)

Okay, forget today. I took a break mid-post and went to Sonic with my sister and the nerdiest Star Trek fanboy to come out of okcupid (and that's saying something), and then I pwnzed him at Star Trek trivia which makes makes me sound a lot less cool than I actually am. WHATEVER! NEXT MONTH!

In November, Little Red should do:

NaKniSweMo - National Knit-a-Sweater Month (50,000 stitches instead of 50,000 words)
National Keep Things Together By Not Adding Any More To-Dos Month

Feel free to suggest novels, sweaters, or other forms of monthlong silliness below!