November 17th, 2007

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dat's what I like about you!

Ugh. Omg. My depreshons, let me show you it. *smothers face in pillow and senseless angst*

So I was thinking of coming on and saying "I NEED LOVE, FLIST!" but actually, I think I'd prefer to GIVE love! That's always more fun!

So comment here and I will say something completely random that I love about you! Or you can reply with a topic or object or fandom thinggy or whatever else and I'll say something completely random that I love about that.

I will start:

A random thing I love about my dog: Her front paws. She stretches them out and does little kitty-like kneading motions with them, and she lets me pet them and squeeze them and stuff. She knows I like them, so she will sliiiiide them toward me across the floor when I'm doing something else and she wants me to play. Yay doggie paws!

So reply and I will similarly adore random things about you or things you like! (And if you don't want me to adore random things about you, I will probably wallow more and cry, so just think of that. *guilt trips* Mwahahaha. I feel better already.)
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