November 20th, 2007

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Hippo Birdie two Ewe!!!

Happy Birthday karma_aster!!!!!

I have no ficlet prepared for you, because I couldn't decide via my crystal ball what you would most like! So sometime today, drop me a challenge (pairing and any other challenging thingger -- i.e. a place, an object, a bit of dialogue, whatever) and a birthday ficlet will appear! :)

*loves you liek whoa, even when you are sad*
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this just in: you CAN buy happiness!

My new plan: retail therapy.

I know, I know, this is normally the sort of plan that doesn't go along with all my flailing and hand-waving about how my job is kind of up in the air (consider that a Realty TV spoiler!!1!) and how I have no money and want to buy a house someday, but bear with me! (Also: the next time I go "I HAVE NO MOONEEEEEYS!" feel free to slap me with this post to remind me of where it all went.)

So anyway, yesterday was my regular doctor's visit, Collapse )

So to reward myself for the massive indignity of being forced to drink gatorade and eat things or else be drugged into oblivion, I went out and bought Collapse )

Yay! So yes, a few irresponsible swipes of plastic, but think: hundreds of hours of gleee! Fewer side effects than upping my crazy meds, too, and I literally skipped back to the car with so much joy.

So there. All my Eastern meditating & yoga & holistic diet didn't help me all that much, so we're going full-on Western now: shopping, drugs & gatorade.

God help me.