November 29th, 2007

sga - sparktober

Somewhere between "oh." and "fuuuuuuuuck."

We had our exit strategy meeting with the Vice President of our division yesterday. It was sort of like getting hit in the face with a shovel.

30 days is the absolute best I can hope for, though after talking to the RSM it might turn back into two weeks' notice from yesterday. And, of course, no bonus or severance or anything.

The agents get to stay on until at least February and will get closeout bonuses since they are more specialler than me. The VP bought us happy hour drinks (I swear, I'm never looking at happy hour the same way again) and I sort of threw a little fit about how somebody better be giving me a goddamned Starbucks card. I think I also requested a balloon.

So I've been looking at jobs, and most of the available ones (December = not the best time for this, omg!) will actually pay me less than I'd get on unemployment, so here's a question: Are there crazy hidden reasons for not filing for unemployment? Will I be blackballed from working for the government in the future or something? Do I have to pay it all back someday? PLEASE ADVISE. OVER.


The VP said that he really thinks I should go to law school next. (I know... ??) My coworker L is still insistent that I should totally do freelance copy writing, and she used to be a freelance graphic designer and so has all sorts of tips and strategeries and stuff to help. That sounds like a whole lot of fun. It would be like being a starving artist, but a corporate starving artist! I could do that, build a resale real estate business, sell crafty things online, pose for artists, write trashy romance novels and wash neighbors' cars kids & dogs and NOT STARVE, WOO! *hangs head* (I like the idea of being able to write off the new computer I need...)

Your ideeers, please!