November 30th, 2007

sga - sparktober

best weekend to-do list EVARR!

I have a job interview!!! On Thursday! WITH THE BEST JOB EVER!! (Knitting! Writing! Moderating online knit-alongs and helping knitters over the internet! FOR A JOB. SERIOUSLY.)

They called to ask what my online experience was with moderating stuff. Who says fandom never gets you anywhere? I told them about the yahoo!groups and livejournal communities that I started/moderate (without giving details -- because, seriously, sheppard_n_weir would do more harm than good) and they were all "that's exactly what we need!" They asked if I ever help other people in my role as moderator and was all "omg, I edit stories for people!" and they were all "Oooooh!" YAY FANDOM OMG YOU WIN. (I believe I said "groups related to television shows and also to novice writers" instead of "societies for the proliferation of pornographic fanfic.")

I need to bring to my interview A SELECTION OF THINGS I HAVE KNIT!

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I'm also thinking that I could overachieve and take pictures and write sample step-out instructions of whatever project I do this weekend as a sample, since doing projects just like that is the core of the job. I am SO okay with being branded a suck-up if it lands me THE BEST JOB EVER (tm). (I'd post it, of course, so you guys could mock and/or use.)

In case they don't think I am cool enough, I also have an intake interview with a higher-end (legal, hr, admin) placement agency on Monday. I get to do online proficiency testing after work today.

Talk knitting with me, guys! :)