December 4th, 2007

trek - enterprise porn - liminalliz

"The jeopardy answer is: Why Should You Distract Little Red With Discussion Of Enterprise?"

NEW PLAN! My job searching plans have become all temporarily woeful and half of Oregon and Washington are underwater, so let's talk about Enterprise!

I have a burning question regarding Enterprise, and that is:

Did T'Pol have sex with Sim in "Similitude"?

Yes. That's what "going-away present" and "fade to black" means on TV.
No. Sometimes a kiss is just a kiss.
I don't watch this show!

Also, to generate more thinky thoughts:

Three Enterprise Episodes I Think Are Actually The Best They Made:

1) "In A Mirror, Darkly" -- ZOMG. ZOMG! Continuity and old trek and attention to detail and Hoshi and Mayweather RULE THE UNIVERSE.
2) "Carbon Creek" -- I have such love for this episode. SUCH LOVE. It never gets old! It is heartwarming Star Trek at its best.
3) "Twilight" -- Damn. This episode is fabulous. It's even Archer/T'Pol and I love it, because it's done so completely wonderfully well and it's heartbreaking and perfect and there are time worms.

Is it odd that the best episodes they've ever done are all outside of the normal Enterprise space-time?

My Actual Favorite Episodes That I Would Choose To Bring To A Desert Island and/or Leave On My DVR For A Year Now:

2) "Home" -- T'Pol's mom. Is. Awesome. And then Phlox and Hoshi bond a bit.
3) "Carbon Creek" -- ... this one makes both lists. So does Part I of the Mirror Universe one, actually.

Discuss! Ask more questions! Tell me your favorites! Explain me The Real Truth About T'Pol And Sim! Distract meeeeeee!