January 5th, 2008

sga - pwnd! - A.j.

Gratuitous Office Abuse, Last Gasp Version

Wheeee! This is my LAST WEEKEND of work here at Realty TV, so I'm going through my computer and desk to remove all damning informations before I go, using our awesome scanner and printer as much as possible, turning Rod's desktop background into a rotating selection of gay porn, ETC.

To that end, I am abusing my work PC for LJ Comment Stats Purposes one last time! Feel free to spam this entry to improve your standings. :) (What? LJ isn't a competitive sport? ... naw, you lie.)

Top Commenters on mylittleredgirl's LiveJournal
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1aj372 372
2liminalliz354 354
3lisayaeger309 309
4nenya_kanadka302 302
5lyssie290 290
6w0lfstar264 264
7besyd247 247
8rosewildeirish236 236
9mspooh235 235
10anr219 219
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Total Commenters: 393 (293 not shown)
Total Comments: 20828

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