May 3rd, 2008

sga - sparktober

fic help needed...

Anybody feel like preview-reading a Season 2 Ronon/Teyla fic in about an hour? I wrote it today instead of cleaning, and, as with most procrastination fics, I think it could use some serious help.

There were some rather strong Sparky undertones in my head as I wrote it, but they can be dismissed or played up at the reader's pleasure.

I'm on gmail chat as sachi.elena and AIM as newpunkuniverse, or just comment here!

P.S. Oh. Thar be porn, and some romance, and some crazy Athosian fanon. I require help and/or reassurance on the characterization in the dialogue, mostly, and generally whether or not the fic is crap. Yay!
sga - sparktober

New Fic! "Translation" (Ronon/Teyla, Sheppard, Weir)

Title: "Translation"
Rating: NC-17
Category: Teyla/Ronon, Sheppard and Weir
Spoilers: Set in season 2, spoilers accordingly. I have made up a LOT of Athosian fanon in here (it will seem familiar to aj and others who have known me since season 1), and I'm sure all of it is disproven in Season 4, which I haven't seen yet, because that's the way of things.
Summary: This seems obvious to her: they're friends, and lovers isn't so far removed from friends, but not everyone sees it that way.
Props to: havocthecat, who looked it over to ensure lack of suck!

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