May 10th, 2008

sga - sparktober

You know what really grinds my gears?

1) I'M SICK. Wah. Chest colds for the lose. I managed to trudge through the last 3 days of work until WEEKEND, though, YAY.

2) My dog is being OBNOXIOUSLY NEEDY today. I need to teach her the "Get On Out Of My Grill!" command, because my previously-taught "Bugger Off!" command is failing me today. YES, IT'S CUTE, but get your tongue off my keyboard and keep your elbows outta my face when I'm trying to NAP.

3) This shoestring budget thing is not working for me. Our 99 cent dish soap smells lovely but does not cut grease! I have EXPENSIVE TASTE in dish soap, people! And WE HAVE NO SPONGES, and man cannot live on paper towels alone! ALSO: we have zero food. We don't even have cereal, which is normally my fallback food when other foods are not available. I have a bag full of dry split peas, which isn't exactly ready-to-eat. I have quarters saved up for laundry, but I think I will need to go buy grape-nuts and wash my clothes in the tub. (I'm not so into having to pay for laundry again, EITHER, while I'm being an elitist snob.) (I should note that I'm a Cancer, so I probably have money hidden in a sock somewhere. All is not lost. I will be looking for that presently.)


5) I wish my house was cleaned and put away. We don't have space for all our stuff in our new place! And Sister is in Seattle for the second weekend in a row (with bags of cleaning supplies in her car), which isn't helping, but I suppose I should get used to it since she'll probably be moving there fairly soon and then froggoddess and I can share lonely sisterless WOE.

I do not enjoy hating everything. Cheer me up plz!
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