July 22nd, 2008

sga - sparktober

"Have you seen this blogger?"

Hello lovely online peeps! I have missed you! daisycm83 made threats of creating Have You Seen Little Red? milk cartons if I did not haul my ass back to the internet, so here I am! :)

(daisycm83 is WONDERFUL, by the way. Actually, she's exactly as wonderful as she is online, only she's three-dimensional and gives hugs! I'm convinced that if me, aj and Christi all got together somewhere, seismic detectors in the area would register the sudden increase in hand-flailing gleee.)

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Since I have no fic to share, have a picture of Tessie wanting to play!

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Totally Non-Spoilery X-Files-Related Gleee! Click here for a totally moronic article about how David And Gillian Are Real Actors Really, but you must watch the javascript video midway down the page where they interview each other about whether or not they like each other. LOL.