November 23rd, 2008

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Enterprise 1x04 "Unexpected" / 1x05 "Terra Nova"

True Fact: I really like Enterprise. You can remind me of this when we're in the middle of Season 2 and I'm suffering through that stupid episode when Trip is stuck in an escape pod with that bitchy alien princess, but right now, I must say, my love is pure and troooooo. And Das Boy doesn't hate me yet for subjecting him to this, so that's a good thing.

"Unexpected" or "Trip Gets Knocked Up A Notch" (and other stories)

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sga - sparktober

Enterprise: 1x06 "The Andorian Incident" / 1x07 "Breaking the Ice"

Before I dish on the RAMPANT FLAILING AWESOME GLEEE of these two Shran-involving pecan-pie-eating episodes, let's first discuss the breath-holding-squeaking-passing-out-IS-IT-MAY-YET!? joy of THE TRAILER FOR THE NEW STAR TREK MOVIE BEING RELEASED:

WATCH EET RIGHT NOW! because I am too atwitter to find an embeddable version!

Okay, a few things in it are a little weird (the robocop? antique cars and motorcycles? the probably totally throwing out of canon? whut?) but OH MY GOD, NEW STAR TREK, AND IT IS SO SHINY. I am definitely one of those Trekkies who's okay with things changing if they're changed for the better. For example, it's good that the Klingons got forehead ridges once the budget increased, and it may turn out to be good that the new Enterprise really does look like an apple store in space. WE SHALL SEE!

Now, on to the episodes:

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