February 15th, 2009

trek - trip/t'pol i love you - ashism

I'd like to order one inspiration, please.

I'm a bit at a loss for how to design my new apartment. I was all thrilled about having my first place where I could do all the designing TOTALLY ON MY OWN, and now I'm a little "...?" about it.

I definitely want to paint, but I must decide which colors! In my current apartment (codenamed the USS Lollipop), we picked our garish and completely outrageous oranges, yellows and pinks based on a LazyTown theme, but I'm not sure what my theme should be. Something crafty, perhaps? Or nautical/deserted-island/beach-y? (I do own a giant neon palm tree, after all.) I have obscene amounts of pink things now, so that will have to fit in somewhere.

So the question to the internets: Where do you go for design inspiration? When you've remodeled or re-designed a space, what has inspired you (or if you were to remodel/repaint, what would inspire you?).

It's possible I'd be much better at coming up with this on my own if we weren't just entering the space-cracked-out-crazy-sexing portion of Enterprise in our Star Trek marathon. OH T'POL. (And OH REED AND HAYES also, though they are without space crack, alas.) In general, "space crack" doesn't seem like a truly inspiring decorating theme, though I suppose that could be because I haven't shot enough of it into my neck.
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